Top 10 Best Cities for Black Women

To determine the best- and worst – cities for black woment to live, we analyzed income, the cost of crime, homeownership, and poverty levels from 200 cities across the U.S.

Do You Know the Rules of Ridesharing?

If you’re new to ridesharing or you’re trying to convince someone to give it a shot, you’ll enjoy my story on ridesharing. It tackles everything from how it works to if you should tip.

How Devi Seafood Produces America’s Favorite Seafood

Grilled, scampied or slathered in cocktail sauce—shrimp is one of America’s favorite (actually, it’s the most consumed!) seafood. And one of Sysco’s partners, Devi Seafood, provides some of the freshest around. Here’s what makes them a top seafood provider.

4 Ways to Indulge in Some “Me” Time

It’s important to squeeze some self-care between everything else we have to do. Science shows that setting aside some quintessential “me” time is crucial. Check out my latest article for AAA on four ways to put “you” at the top of your to-do list.

A Few Reasons to ❤ Dairy

Ah, dairy. This beloved ingredient is in many recipes from savory and sweet to appetizers and desserts. Here’s one brand that truly delivers on quality.

How to Save Up for Splurging on Your Trip

No doubt vacations are fun. What’s even more fun is when you can afford to treat yourself on your vacation. Those funky vintage sunglasses at the boutique? No problem. That upgrade for a bigger hotel room? Easy breezy. How about the amazing dessert at that swanky restaurant? For sure. One of my favorite trips was…