About Me

ERIN C. PERKINS: Editor, Writer, Photographer and Content Strategist

There are few things in life I can’t get enough of—writing, traveling, reading, writing, shopping, writing, eating, writing, movies, writing, music writing—did I mention writing?

Whether I’m putting the finishing touches on a feature story, reviewing the latest film or dishing on pop culture—I love what I do. Creating content has always helped me explore my inquisitiveness about the world and people.

I’ve been to prison (not as inmate), I’ve fumbled with a few fiddles, I’ve chatted up a few celebrities, I’ve stood inches from blazing house fires, waited outside crime scenes all night and yes, I even caught a town manager stealing money.

Ah, the life of a journalist.

I’ve worked for content agencies, magazines, websites, newspapers, television and radio. So I’m comfortable with storytelling in various platforms. Whether online or in print—I love creating content with a distinct presence that captivates audiences in the most compelling, creative way. I aim to entertain, inform and empower.

Currently as a digital editor at a content agency, I get to be part of an artistic culture. It’s challenging, but worth every minute.

When not writing, reporting, or editing, I can probably be found trying a new recipe I swiped from the Food Network or watching a movie, preferably a psychological thriller or crime drama. And, most of my days aren’t complete without talking my cat out of scratching my furniture—or me. I enjoy traveling and can’t go one day without prayer.

Curious about what I’ve done? Check out my current writings on my home page.

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  1. Beth Clark says:

    Erin, I found you! Congrats on being a grad student at Kent State. I know that magazine-j is your dream.

    All the best to you,
    Mrs. Clark, San Marcos, tX

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