How to Save Up for Splurging on Your Trip

No doubt vacations are fun. What’s even more fun is when you can afford to treat yourself on your vacation. Those funky vintage sunglasses at the boutique? No problem. That upgrade for a bigger hotel room? Easy breezy. How about the amazing dessert at that swanky restaurant? For sure. One of my favorite trips was…

The 3 Journalism Techniques That Every Brand Should Follow

Ah, that potent magic of journalism boosting your brand’s marketing goals. The sweet concoction goes a little something like this: a smart nose for news, an uncanny ability to a tell a story, and effective delivery of  a compelling narrative. But how exactly do you manifest this magic? I recently conjured up some spellbinding advice…

Do You Know Where You Receive the Most Sun Damage? It Might Surprise You

Your car: It’s the place where you spend a lot of time. It’s what gets you from A to Z probably every day. It’s also the place where you’re most likely to get a lot of sun damage. Scan this infographic: Writing Sample_Sun Safety Auto Advice_Infographic_EP to see why and how you can protect yourself while driving.

Fashion and Technology=Unique Customer Experiences

What can we learn about technological innovation from fashion? A lot, actually. In my latest blog post for Pace, I look at how fashion brands are creating unique customer experiences by tapping into technology in fun new ways.    

Find the Greenest Car of 2016

The 2016 AAA Green Car Guide helps car buyers find vehicles with the least impact on the environment. Here, I write about which ones made its top pick.

Baton Rouge Is Calling You…

Do you love driving? Avid road trippers or those just looking to be inspired, should check out this road trip story I edited, revised, and curated for AAA’s Auto Advice, a website dedicated to providing readers engaging content that helps them explore their passion for being on the road along with advice and tips for…

My Black Is Beautiful: The Journey of One Woman’s Self Acceptance

In 2014, I attended the Essence Music Festival, where I met, interviewed, and spent three days with a black mother who shared her journey of learning to be strong, bold, and beautiful in spite of a rough childhood plagued by an unsupportive and insulting grandmother. She championed her challenges and became an inspiration to her daughter….